10 October 2022

Planning and Quality Deparment at UMH is responsible for the analysis and monitoring of the Quality Plan, develop projects  and support the information system of the UMH.

Our mission

“Implement the quality policy of the University and implement quality plans of teaching, research and service management, in the journey of total quality”.

Our main functions

a) Integrate the operating data of the UMH in its various activities and promote actions to ensure their quality.

b) Carry out regular monitoring of the implementation of the Quality Plan, and quality indicators and make the comparison with standards.

c) Conduct studies and analysis of different data sources and report their findings to the various organs and structures for quality academic, research or management of the University.

d) Propose and conduct internal audits for quality, both in terms of academic activity as the administrative and management.

e) Monitor corrective actions and data improvement plans generated by the vice-rectors, centers, departments, institutes, services, offices or administrative units.

f) Record, preserve, analyze and respond to complaints and / or suggestions for improving quality.

g) Evaluate the satisfaction of internal and external customer.

h) Contribute to the training methodology for quality improvement, including support if required by the improvement teams.

i) Propose the annual quality plan.

j) Carry out all actions necessary to assess the quality of academic and nonacademic activities of UMH and its partner institutions.

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